Thursday, February 16, 2006


I am beginning the insomniac cycle again. I don't know why. Just am. Got up at one a.m. and read a bunch of blogs, made some tea, snuggled down on the couch and watched the Winter Olympics repeat coverage. Finally I crashed out at four this morning.

A friend told me that I am not exhausting myself enough during the day and she's probably right. What kills me is that despite the insomnia, I wake up earlier than normal. The rest of the day.... CRANKY!

What distresses me in the daytime about my insomnia is I am normally a sound sleeper. I have slept through tornadoes, gunshots, and speakers blaring with music thrown up against my ears. I do not wake up for anyone or anything. Insomnia is counter to my sleeping nature.

Even though I sleep better in bed, when I have insomnia the couch is where I end up staying the remainder of the night. What puts me to sleep nine times out of ten is the TV. I think my insomnia proves the TV really is the idiot box. I am not thinking when I am watching TV therefore I fall asleep.

Shows that have routinely put me to sleep in the past are on the Boomerang network. Something comforting about watching the Super Friends, Quickdraw McGraw, or Scooby Doo puts me right to sleep.


Erica said...

I very seldom suffer from insomnia that is self-induced. Rather, my children drive me to it by being up. Just the one of them, actually. And not lately. But the point is, LIKE you, I go to the sofa. And LIKE you, I watch TV even though reading a book would put me out faster. I don't know why that is, except that I seldom just veg out and watch TV, so it's like a treat that puts me to sleep. And LIKE you, I go with familiars, like TV Land except that's always 70s and 80s shows now instead of comforting black and white insipidity from the 50s and 60s. I also LOVE Adult Swim on Thursday and Sunday night. Hope you get some good sleep!

my0p said...

I had insomnia last night as well. A toy sound jarred me from my sleep around 5 am (I had thought it was the doorbell) My silly night owl toddler had left toys in the bed.

Most of the time insomnia for me is caused by thinking about things too much ... pyschosomatic, so to speak.

In speaking of this subject, I believe I really should hit the sack.

Trix said...

Sounds to me as though neither one of us is ourselves today. I hope you get some rest. If not, email me!