Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Tuesday!

After many years of eschewing the 14th of Feb, I am going to celebrate this Valentine's Day in this way:

It is my belief that love never dies. The people you love, you always love. Sometimes that love is encapsulated in a moment in time and circumstance. For today and all that follow, I send my love, whether past or present, to those that have shown me friendship, kindness, inspiration and love.

Mom, Mema, Pepa, Jean, Omer, Ed, Karin, Maria, Lewis, Austin, Sloane, Aileen, Danny, Ian, Iris, Maria, Jose, Nena, Gloria, Maria, Eddie, Little Eddie, Shannon, Jennifer, Gino, Troy, Patty, Erica, Kyle, Sean, Bethany, Vic, Alexis, Julie, Matt, Kaylie, Sarah, Kelly, Peter, Aditya, Mukta, Aalok, Mr. and Mrs. Chandora, Marnie, Todd, Anya, Cindy, Bob, Tomie, Mike, Skip, Linda, Dot, Robin, Brian, Kathy, Brad, Kris, Benu, Ted, Nancy, Kim, Jo, Denise, Dave, Erick, Patti, Barbara, Katie, Mr. and Mrs. Dyer, Walter, Rahul, Silva, Diane, Ron, Ruth, Bill, Glenda, Robert, Mason, Todd, Brian, David...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Erica said...

Interesting that you and I have flip-flopped perspectives on the whole thing! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. xoxo

my0p said...

what a lovely Valentine's message, I *heart* it, so much. Thx =)