Thursday, January 26, 2006

Adventures in Dating Part 2

Recently I went on a blind date. I have been on exactly three blind dates in my life; this last one being the best. I have nothing against blind dates in general though perhaps I should. The two previous had been disasters, but I went on them willingly because the people who love me best are the ones that choose the dates for me.

The first blind date was with a guy that had ADD maybe even ADHD. At twenty-two, I knew nothing about ADD. My phone conversations with the guy had been great prior to the date. We decided to meet at a dance club on my suggestion. My friend and her boyfriend were to meet us later. (I know now that my choice of locations was poor to say the least. People with severe ADD cannot concentrate amid so much noise and movement.)

After dancing for a while, we stopped to get a drink and talk. I love conversation. With my date however, I couldn't get a word in edge wise. My date would change the subject in the middle of his own sentences and two words into mine. My head was spinning. Where was the guy who could hold a conversation for an hour on the phone?

The next set up (don't you love that term set up) was with a guy who had no conversational ability. On any subject.

Me: Do you like music?
Him: Yes.
Me: Who's your favorite band?
Him: I don't know.
Me: What do you like to do?
Him: Hang out.
Me: Really? Where?
Him: Here and there.

And so it went on any topic under the sun I could think up. While I was coming up with new subjects to introduce, my date picked his nose. These vague answers and an adversion to him touching me had me thinking that we weren't well matched. I got the feeling that he thought so as well.

It was later that I discovered he really liked me and wanted to go out again. Why? What would we talk about? I had exhausted the conversational spectrum with the exception of public cleaning of nasal orifices.

I mentioned to Maria being set up, by Jennifer, on this latest blind date. Maria knows all about my blind date history. She quizzed me about the guy. I told her I knew nothing really but it couldn't be worse than the others. Jennifer and her husband, Gino, would be with us for dinner guarding against complete mayhem if we were totally adverse to each other.

Maria then gave me the standard female advise. Wear this. Not that. (This conversation took place over the phone so descriptions were more lengthy.) Say this. Don't say this. Wear this...etc.

The date went well. Good guy. No odd incidents or strange personality quirks to report. We stayed up late and were a little well for the wine.

The next day I induced Jennifer to help play a practical joke on Maria. Lack of sleep must be my excuse.

Jennifer called Maria to express concern about my behavior the night before. I listened on the extension.

Jennifer: Maria, I know Michelle told you she had a date last night at my house. She didn't seem herself. She seemed distracted. I wouldn't normally call but I am concerned.

Maria: Uhmm.

Jennifer: Michelle made weird noises during dinner. She didn't even talk to her date.

Maria: Are you sure you are talking about Michelle?

Jennifer: I know. You should have seen what she was wearing. It was something my grandmother would wear.

Maria: Hmmmm. Uncomfortable noises coming from over the phone.

Jennifer: She kept interrupting the conversation. It was like she had ADD. I think she even picked her nose. I was embarrassed to have set her up with my friend.

Maria: That's not Michelle. She would not do that. You are describing dates Michelle has been on. Am I am being punked?

Both Jennifer and I began laughing uncontrollably.

Thank you Maria for defending me. Hopefully you are still talking to me.

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