Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Horror Movies

I can't do them. Honestly. I get too grossed out. Especially the ones that are really cheesy - the slashers. I try and watch. But these movies all have a thing crawling out of someone's mouth. The thing usually has a tail. I am going to vomit now. Could not watch snakes eat rats on the science field trip in third grade for the same reason.

The ones that are stupid I can do, sometimes. I can watch these thanks to an evening called Stupid Horror Movie Night when I was nineteen. Every Sunday, for that summer, a group of girl friends would get together at Maria's house. We would bring the requisite junk food. We would dish guys we were seeing or trash those we were breaking up with.

About one a.m., we would all grab our blankets, sleeping bags, etc. and settle to watch the classics like Truth or Dare, Basket Case, and my all time favorite It's Alive.

It's Alive gets my consistency in editing award.
One scene has a kid running.
As he runs, it's day.
It's night.
It's day again and he's still running.
A car chases after him.
Yet the kid still gets home first.

There's also a scene where a husband slaps his hysterical wife. Her head turns in the opposite direction of the slap. Now that's acting!


Erica said...

Let us not forget "Evil Dead 2": I'll swallow your soul!!

(And in It's Alive, where the baby is clearly a plastic doll being tossed into the swimming pool, but its intended victim is shrieking in terror...)

Yes, the old school horror flicks are definitely superior!

dahlizyx said...

Oh yes do I remember those nights! It's Alive - it's a-classic!