Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Contemplating my Thumbnails


Ok. I'm not. Nor is my house though it sounds like it. Working at home is a curse. I can get a lot done, or I can watch the squirrels play in the showers of snow melting from the roof. Or I can post on my blog.

I went to CVS over the weekend. When do I not go to CVS? They had Easter stuff out. Wow!!! Over two months away and Easter is around the retail world corner? Alrighty then.

There is a new chocolate on the market. New is not the right word. (New to Hershey Kisses, maybe.) Hershey has introduced candy coated mini Kisses. Of course, of course!, I bought them.
I impulse buy anything wierd.

The candy is Hershey's attempt to make the new MM. Problem is you can't make a new MM. Can't be done. MMs are MMs. They are my initials. I love them. Ok I may love them even if they weren't my initials.

The new Kisses are not good. I am not a big chocolate Kisses fan, at least not the kind you buy in a plastic package at a store. Chocolate should be the serotonin fix that God intended. Chocolate that fixes my serotonin levels are Toblerone, MM's, Nutella, and the Almighty Godiva.

Yes, Europeans make the best chocolate but unless you are planning to visit some specialty shop or a visit to Europe, I am mapping out reasonable chocolate fixes.

Ah well. Back to work.


Erica said...

Thank you for the review on the kisses, because I was eyeing those the other day (at the Food Lion)... MMs rule. And also Cadbury mini-eggs which must be back at CVS. I'll be going soon!

Chelle said...

Yes the egg, the mini-Cadbury Egg is back. It was in the Sunday CVS flyer. (I'm not cutting coupons--- Arg) But you must look long and hard to find it. My friend and I found ours on the end caps, not on the candy aisle.

Good Hunting.