Monday, January 23, 2006

Music Day

I wanted to do a post about music for sometime. I started one a few months ago and stopped it cause as much as I love cheese the post was just a little too cheesy. However, I was listening to Josh Bell play violin and reminiscing about how much I loved playing viola in school. I just wish I loved to practice the instrument as much. Then Mopeychick posted her ipod song lists. Maybe now is the time to post about music.

I was sitting in horrendous traffic the other day; the kind of traffic that you can get out of your car, take a mile walk around, and come back in time to move your car an inch. This kind of commuting makes me glad I keep the car stocked with an endless supply of CDs. I pulled out a CD I made last March. I dub it my Rahul inspired CD because it has some hip-hop influence. Rahul is a friend who loves hip-hop. (Actually, most of my friends have some influence on my musical tastes especially if the friend introduces me to a new musical artist.)

The "Rahul" CD also contains a number of songs, also known as the cheesiest songs on the planet that just make me smile. These songs I think are my top 5 songs that will always bring a smile to my face.

Liz Phair -Banana Splits cover Tra La La La
The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star
Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes- My Favorite Things
Bon Jovi - Shot through the Heart (only because I used play this song when working at Sound Warehouse to watch this guy who was always trippin. His head would spin from corner to corner of the store as the sound bounced from speaker to speaker. It was hilarious.)

Listening to the CD started me thinking, cause what else do I have to do in hell traffic, about my other personal top 5 music lists. The top 5 songs that I dance to, the top 5 songs I relax to, the top 5 songs to drive fast to, etc... If this sounds strange, I can't help it. My thoughts just wander this way.

I believe we all have our top 5 lists playing in our head depending on personal circumstance because music tastes, like political and religious beliefs, conform to our personal experiences.

Think about the songs you like and why. Were you twirling a baton at the time you were listening to the Cars like Mopeychick? Breaking up with your boyfriend and now you can't stand the songs he listens to. Dancing at a club with a hot guy who made you feel fabulous and now the song that was playing is in your repertoire?

You get the picture. Music is a culmination of personality and life circumstances.

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Erica said...

Great post. I have albums that are the soundtrack for certain periods in my life. You are dead-on about music just speaking for us sometimes, identifying circumstances for us, or at least making some sense of them.