Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mile High Up

Update: congratulations Brad!!! Even though New England turned in a somewhat sloppy performance , the Broncos were on top of their game. Bailey's interception was spectacular.

Broncos goal: Super Bowl and don't look back!! (In this case I believe the team that defeats you should push for and win everything!!)

It's GO time in the NFL. Eight teams remain. The Denver Broncos are playing the three time Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, in the divisional playoffs. Yet, the Pats are the underdogs going into Mile High Stadium. The Broncs have not lost at home this season.

I am not a big football fan. I barely watch the playoffs. I am more the baseball person. Have been since I won baseball tickets for getting straight As in elementary school. However this is football season and ever since I learned a little bit about the game, I have been a Pats fan.

Last year at this time, I was talking to a coworker, Brian, about a software system and was referred to Brad for a particular issue. Brian issued a forewarning that Brad was grumpy because the Broncs were out of the playoffs. Of course me being me, I immediately called Brad to check out the state of said grumpiness.

My concern today is for my friends in California. Could the usually unflappable Brad be a serious grouch for the remainder of the football season or worse yet, could he be unbearably smug for the rest of the year? Will Brad rub the Broncs helmet sitting on top of his desk for good luck only to bury it in a drawer? Or will Brad start carrying the helmet to all his meetings and conference calls?

Only time, approximately 72 hours, will tell.

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Brad said...

We'll just have to wait and see.

Brad will definitely be grumpy on Monday if the Broncos don't win because Brad is flying to Denver to get WICKED DRUNK (as your people say) and generally make an ass of himself while rooting the Broncos on to VICTORY.

Brad will only be smug and carry his helmet to meetings if the Broncos win the Super Bowl