Monday, January 30, 2006

Miss Taken Identity

Recently among some blogsites there has been a to-do about who we are as bloggers. Some of the blog sites I respect have responded* to some people's assumptions. Do the people who read the blogs really know the bloggers just from reading? To me this is silly, but what the hell, let's join in the fray and address the silly.

I can say with some certainity that some of the people who read my blog probably do know me because I have gotten down on my knees and marketed my blog to my friends. Please, Pleeeease read my errant writings about nothing and everything in particular.

Do I think I know the people whose blogs I read? With the exception of two blogs, the answer is a resounding no. I can say that the blogs belonging to Erica and Aileen have given me a better appreciation of the people that they are; enriching the moving picture I formed having known them.

What makes blogs great to read is the validation that we readers get in knowing we are not alone in our experiences, thoughts and ambitions. Two dimensional writings do not give us access to the more complicated gray areas of a person's psyche even if we try to convey that psyche through the written word.

A recent painful lesson was taught to me about the inaccuracies of translating a real connection to that of the nebulous world of email. I cannot imagine trying to make a real connection solely out of the gray areas in cyberspace.

There are many great blogs out there. I love reading them. These blogs stir my creative juices. A thousand ideas come to mind for my next post. I read some blogs and revel in how well written they are.

Read my blog and you will notice words left out of sentences, misspelled words, and even occasionally grammatical errors. I do my best and am constantly editing my posts. I must edit one post a bazillion times and still find errors. Editing is not my forte.

If you are reading this, and I thank you from the bottom of my soul for doing so, create your own blog if you are so inclined or if you already have a blog, leave me the link. I'll read it.

Which leads me to welcome a brand spankin new blogger to the world, my0p.

If you are not inclined to write, thank you again for reading.

* Mask of Anony -Blog-O
More Sound & Fury
Playing Nice

In addition: Erica has reminded me of another reason to read blogs: fall down, smile hurting, painful abdomen, tear swiping, drop to the floor ....laughter. Salut Erica !!!!


Erica said...

Great, insightful post. I often think I have a good idea of who people are after a few months of following them on their blogs but - with the exception of the folks I actually do know - I still wonder, is it just some weirdo sitting there, creating a whole complicated persona? We can never know. I mean my own imagination is so fruitful that I think I could easily make a blog about a 15 year-old gangsta-wanna-be boy struggling with stifled ambition in Topeka, complete with daily nothings. Seinfeld, after all, was a show about nothing. So I actually get cautious with my IIFs (imaginary internet friends). You simply never know. Of course, I am one of those people who is paranoid about Hollywood becoming reality and someone kidnapping me and duct-taping me into the trunk of their car by somehow tracing me from my blog... you know. Validate me, please! ;-)

Oh, and today's word verification is Baezs. As in multiple Joans. Save me now.

my0p said...

Thank you, mariemm3, for the great introduction. Very kind of you =0). I hope to blog more soon when I have the correct frame of mind. I need to google some big words, too.

my0p said...

Erica, (imaginary internet friends -
~IIF ~, LOL, funny, but true. Great reply. =0)- the my0pic one.