Friday, January 06, 2006

Diver Down

David Lee Roth has come to Boston.

There seems to be a lot of artists out in radio land shifting their talents from one forum to another. Steve Jones and Dickie Barrett are examples of musicians combining their talents and personalities by spinning music over the California airways, Indie 103, and doing it well.

Boston's WBCN added Roth into the morning slot rotation filling the gap where the Howard Stern Show used to be before he left for satellite radio.

When I say filling the gap, I mean it. Roth has nothing new. His program consists of his glory days of yore and the remnants of Sterns' non-satellite audience. Roth's time slot is reduced to an imitation of Stern radio.

Maybe I just kick it a little too old school but Stern has also been putting his genre out there for awhile now. Don't get me wrong Stern is smart and uses his degrading wit to entertain. Just not my form of entertainment. But then again I don't think his style hits my demographic, the female one, too often. So live and let live.

I was a little excited when I heard Roth was coming into the Boston radio market hoping to hear a fresh spin on the world coming through the airways. However, hearing the competition, I am more than happy keeping FNX dialed in. The Swasey morning show also offers not much new; however, the personalities on air are funny and more importantly the station actually plays music in the morning!!! Not new, but refreshing.

I am going to keep searching for good radio. Right now I am liking The Lock Up on Radio 1. I am just not sure how to define good radio, but I'll know when I hear it.

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