Sunday, January 29, 2006


It all began innocently. I was listening to Steve Jones on Indie 103 over the web while instant messaging my friend Brad.

Steve Jones was spinning, of all things, Journey. Then he started mocking:

'I will cram Journey down your throats until you throw up. All Journey. All the time.' Or something like that.

Jones named all the Journey songs. I think he had a list written down in front of him. Then he played another Journey song.

I laughed out loud. Why? This is Steve Jones, guitarist of the Sex Pistols, playing Journey with a vengeance. The mere thought is hilarious.

I relayed my amused state to Brad who then sent me to a Sex Pistols tribute band website: Transexpistols. (The site is a little out of date but worth a visit.)

God, don't ya just love it!!!

These gals... umhum... guys are among the most flattering forms of imitation that the Sex Pistols could receive. The band has favorable press reviews which is more than the originals achieved in the beginning.

What does the press know? Don't take it from me or their reviewers. Give them a listen.

Jones are you listening?

Sidenote: I have mentioned Indie 103 before in this blog. Rolling Stone calls this station America's Coolest Radio Station and the Blender calls Steve Jones the Punk who Saved Radio. Indie 103 has the creds to live up to the hype. Henry Rollins, Joe Sib, Dickie Barrett, and Crystal Method as radio hosts make my impressive list.

What's more impressive about this station are the DJ playlists. Pretty much anything goes. Check it out for truly good music radio. Everything from Wilson Pickett, Johnny Mathis, Patti Smith and the Pogues to The Specials, Radiohead, Disturbed and TSOL. Plus more mainstream artists such as; The Foo Fighters, The Police, Interpol, and Weezer in between. A communication corporation, Entravision, has finally done something right. Click
here for show listings.

Ok, That's all the commercial time I have for today.


Dlely Le Terrible said...

Really strange ...

my0p said...

I have heard of such rather strange things, there was some tribute band that combined Elvis and Led Zeppelin...Now if I could recall its name???

Chelle said...

my0p: possible names could be Leaded Elvis for the later years.
Zeppie Presley for the pill poppin.
May think of some more cheesy names later. Give me time. All I need is time to be as cheesy as it takes.

dahlizyx said...

I believe the band you're referring to is Dread Zeppelin. Zeppelin tunes to a Reggae beat with a lead singer who's an Elvis impersonator. They used to play Atlanta all the time. Rock on!

my0p said...

Bingo, that is it, dahlizyx! ~Dread Zeppelin. That was the name of this tribute band with a special blend of weirdness. That was from ages, ago. - the myopic one.

Anonymous said...

The TRANSEXPISTOLS are playing this Saturday Feb 11th at the CAT CLUB in HOLLYWOOD!