Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Contemplating my Toenails

Chutzpah -I entered a poetry contest which asks for unpublished work. Do blogs and internet sites count? Can I send in my work to an online blog site at the same time? I find not sending in my favorite poems difficult.

Toxicity - I wrote, at the beginning of the year, that last year was a particularly hard one. The latter half of the year was filled with crisis after crisis. I am getting my emotional bearings. The ahhhhgggggg is finally leaving my head.

The third decade - From my teens through my twenties, a group of friends would always hang around together. As Erica pointed out, we would splinter off into smaller subsets as people came and went. The core was always there. Still is.

That core has moved outward now into different cities. As I talk to my friends I see a pattern. Finding people to support us in different activities is difficult. i.e. I like to go dancing. I have a friend that will do that, but she lives in Augusta. When we meet up, then we go.

Is making plans with friends who have the same commonalities harder in your thirties because that is the decade where most people focus on family and being a family ( I am single. Most of my friends are not.), or do I find it harder because I come from a close-knit group who had been together so long?

Drinking Problem - I seem to miss my mouth, always catching the outer corner, when drinking coffee from cups with lids.

Music - I love music. Avid music lover. All forms. All the time. My ultimate job is helping people fulfill their dreams. If that job involves music, my passion, all the better. Working on it.


Cincysundevil said...

Thanks for stopping by. I completely and totally understand your thoughts on the dreaded Third Decade. I've noticed my core of friends is still the same, but we've all moved in different directions (geographically and in relationships). Being single in your 30's is particularly hard because most people at this point are more worried about getting the right tile at Home Depot rather than where you should go on a next date.

Great blog, I'm going to become a regular!

Chelle said...

Hey Devil. Thanks for the comment. Love your site as well. I am now a regular visitor.

My friends who are married are noticing similarities as well - but on the other end.

Neil said...

The commanalities issue never really ends because people are always going to be in different "stages." Being married and not having children is just as difficult, because those with families revolve their kids. It's probably a good idea for you to nurture some friends who are also single. There are plenty of singles in the thirties.