Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Little Things

Music is the happiness that bursts on a bubble blown by child
Floats on the air
Surrounds the soul in melody
Dances harmony in between heartbeats

Baseball spring training games are underway. Winter is finally releasing her hold. The Cheap Suits CD is on its way. The Cars are back together for a reunion concert.

I am happy sitting in the sun.

Update: Dahli asked how can a Cars reunion can take place without Ben Orr? Enter Todd Rundgren. Not the same I know.... Will keep update to date on this. I also hear Rick Ocasek may not be on the tour which is a let down, but look at this way Spring is COMING!!!!


dahlizyx said...

The Cars? Pshaw! They can't get back together till Ben Orr rises from the grave. Alas...

Erica said...

I tried to post a comment on this the other day but Blogger was not cooperating. What I was going to say was, speaking of new music, I'll actually be putting your Marillion CD in the mail today! Only 2-3 weeks after requested!

And yeah, I gotta echo Dahli on the Cars... can't imagine them without Ben. Yet another fantasy man of mine, from days of yore.

Chelle said...

Yeah!!! Two new CDs. I am blessed!!! LOVE MUSIC! MUSIC ROCKS!. Doing the happy dance! Thank you!!!