Monday, March 13, 2006


Two years ago my best friend married the love of her life. They have two beautiful children, and they are truly a wonderful family.

I want to commemorate their wedding anniversary with the poem I wrote then. I love you both.


Sacred are these things

The individual soul holds more promise than all the sun and stars
The universe holds no secrets as compared to all that is locked in a soul

A marriage brings together two souls to unlock the harmonies
Igniting, shining the love to all those who would bear witness

A family. And the world is changed forever.
Synergy of unconditional love brings forth a continually bigger circle

Miracles of the world look forward to rare events as these
Events that are three, have been made

Strength of these bonds are not binding, But freeing

To be the essence of you without restriction
To have another's acceptance and encouragement to just be

They say all that glimmers is not gold
Yet, all that shines as brightly as the sun is greater than the light

Now you know better riches than all the kings
Now you know life for what it is

Hold these moments close to your heart; therein lies the beauty
It will carry you forth forever and a day in love that holds you now sway

All that you are due is now in your possession
Happiness is fragile wings that can be forged into tempered steel

Steel that will lift you higher than you been
Protect you from the darkness and be your light

Sacred are these things to hold

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