Friday, March 24, 2006

Watching the News this AM

I noticed that once again my Final Four picks are demolished.

  • Duke's upset! UNC's upset! Gonzaga's upset! What is the world coming to? The only one in my four left is BC. I should pray for an upset.
  • The only good thing is that I don't actually watch these games. The Final Four is a work habit I picked up. (My sports weakness is baseball.)
Texas has a new law that a person cannot be drunk inside a bar.
  • Why?
  • Does this mean the movie Barfly will never get remade?
  • Are we re-entering prohibition?

For more relevant news, i.e. more interesting to me, see Voix 's music series or Cincysundevil's I Might As Well Get Ready for Reunion Tours (3/19).

I stole this from Bookfraud: The What classic punk band are you Test

Dead Kennedy's

If you are as crazy about music as I and want an influx of new music, check out these sites that allow you to customize your own personal radio Pandora and Launchcast, and music news is on You Ain't no Picasso - a blog site dedicated to music with audio clips. I am currently checking out My Space's music page for value.

I am looking for good new music. Let me know if you have any sites or bands.


Cincysundevil said...

Well, I was the Sex Pistols and I think it's pretty appropriate.

If you need a great newer band, check out matt pond PA. Maybe a few of us should start some sort of music list or something.

Chelle said...

Great idea for the music list! Tag team music list?

Chelle said...

Listening to Matt Pond PA now. I like him/them.