Monday, March 27, 2006

On the highway

Once upon a time, in a land of the early twentydoms, four friends, two boys who were alcoholics and two girls who were best friends, set out on a trip across the country. Their goal was Boulder, Colorado in time for the June graduation of one friend's sister. In the two weeks in between, the foursome planned on the Grand Canyon and Vegas, baby.

The only thing standing in friends' way was Alabama, as in getting out of the state of. The friends had left Atlanta six hours before, at four in the afternoon, in the hopes of resting in Memphis, Tennessee before hitting Little Rock for sleep.

Remember the alcoholics? A trend had started that the best friends did not know how to stop and resulted in the never ending quest to get the hell out of Bama. The alcoholics would ask to stop for beer and then ask to stop to go to the bathroom. If the girls tried to refuse either the requests for bathroom or alcohol, the boys would 'go' in left over bottles.

Gross, right? That's what the girls thought. To avoid the disgusting the girls acquiesced to the boys request to go to the bathroom every five minutes not sure what was a bathroom trip and what was a beer run. Most often it was both.
Through the night and along the rural stretch of highway, the ritual continued.

Twelve hours after the trip began, Memphis was finally in site. Exhausted the two girls, cause there was no way that the boys would be allowed to drive, pulled the car over at a motel in order to sleep.

Three hours later the foursome was back on the road.


bookfraud said...

wow. they got to memphis and didn't visit graceland! what is this country coming to?

i understand the peeing in a bottle thing, though i've never done it myself.

Chelle said...

The two boys had started complaining once the sun had come up.

The girls having already seen the King's palace deferred to the boys.

dahlizyx said...

I remember that. I was so pissed when girl 2 called from Nevada or Utah or wherever y'all were 5 hours before graduation. To this day I don't know how the hell y'all made it across the Rockies so fast.

Chelle said...

We made it because girl #1, the night driver, took the wheel when that phone call was made.