Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stream of Consciousness

Thank you Stephanie for the good advice about poetry submissions. You helped me to have faith in my poetry and to submit what is not necessarily a favorite.

The other day I walked down to the water after being cooped up inside for too long. Writing overtook me:

The water is moving rapidly today
I sit here and feel the moisture in the wood from last night's rain
A front is coming in
I don't need the weather man to tell me
I can feel it in the wind as it blows my hair in front of my eyes
Making my writing hard to see
I see the front coming in the river's choppy waves
The sun is out and really that is what I care about
Too many storms and overcast days have clouded my mind for sometime
I write better here even with the seagull staring at me
Reminding me that Hitchcock was a genius
He wants food and is only three feet from me
All I have is coffee
I wonder what a hopped up on caffeine seagull would look like


Cincysundevil said...

You've definitely got a way with words. I wish I had the courage to try to translate my personal feelings into prose. It would come out clunky and wouldn't make much sense. Your writing is great ... it flows so easily when you read it.

bookfraud said...

thanks for stopping by my site, and the nice comments.

ah, that moment when "the writing overtakes" us. that is the reason for living, no? wonderful stuff.

Chelle said...

Thank you Devil! You make me blush... :) You are not bad yourself.

Bookfraud - I could not agree more. The minute writing overtakes us- life is bliss.