Friday, March 10, 2006

Update: Flat Stanley In Boston

Flat Stanley went back last week to Atlanta. We (Jenn, Robin and I) miss him. My friend Jenn wanted to take Stan the Man to Germany with her. For a flat guy, he was a lot of fun.

Stan has an interesting way of meeting people. While taking picutures, people would call out to us,
"Flat Stanley?"
Us with huge grins: Yeah!
Stranger 1: Take him to the Constitution
Stranger 2: You really outta take 'em to the bah pahk (Fenway).
Stranger 3: We took ours to Hahvahd.

Here's some picture we did take. ( I have no formatting ability with pictures.)

First picture is of Stan in front of Frog Pond in Boston Common. He used to be able to ice skate. I offered to take him out on the ice but he left his jacket in Georgia and was wee bit cold.

Stan and I thought it was too cold to walk to the Constitution. We're babies. We tried to capture the ship from Cobb's cemetary. Unfortuantely, you cannot make out the ship through the branches.

We headed to the Old North Church and I posed.

Two days later Stan and I went to Concord and stood outside Hawthorne's house.

Here's to you Stan!


dahlizyx said...

I'm gonna have to send you Ian's Flat Stanley as soon as I find him.

Chelle said...

Send him on. The weather's warmer and we will be able to go more places.

Jenn will be disappointed though. She wanted Flat Stanley to go to Germany. Ah well.

Cincysundevil said...

Cool pics! I was wondering why the one where you are a little closer to the camera won't load up.

Chelle said...

I think the reason the ones on the left won't load has something to do with the way I format the pics in blogger.