Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The feeling. Falling in love. The feeling was a first, the first time. Standing out from all the ones before, the crushes and infatuations.

A wealth of emotions, a whirlwind, never feeling so alive.

A first step refusing the slightest of imitations; no work of fiction captures this essence. Shunning all medias except one; music.

Billie Holiday soothes the senses; tingling from exploring so much, relaxing the mind into a state of happiness; enjoying the moments.

Even though the feeling is lingering in the past, a fundamental part of me has changed from the monumental awakening.


Voix said...

Mmmmm. Falling in love is awesome. Best drug in the world.

Keep at it, write more more more!

economeer said...

up awfully early aren't we?

Cincysundevil said...

Excellent post. This reminds me of why we will endure the heartbreak just for another stab at this.

Chelle said...

Voix - thanks. I will. Best encouragement I have.

Economeer - You know I have a problem with insomnia. Sun's up at 5.

Devil - too true. I would risk almost any emotional hurt to go there again.