Monday, March 20, 2006

The Search for Writers

Had an email conversation recently about writer's groups or poetry groups near me. I have been to one other writer's group at Barnes and Noble. B&N hosts writer's groups at certain locations in Mass.

The first time I attended a writer's group at B&N my mom was in town. My mom has written periodically for a local paper in Maine. I thought she'd enjoy going with me, my roommate at the time- Silva and Jen.

The meeting went well. I had enough back material to keep me covered.

After the meeting, my mom was discussing something with another writer. I was standing by her waiting to leave. My face looked interested, but all I was thinking was 'how much longer do I have to stand here?'.

Jen and Silva were psssstting me. I gave the "hold on a minute" sign because the other writer was speaking.

Now I don't know why, actually I do - her name is my mom and her goal is my marriage to anyone which she discusses frequently and had done so on the way to B&N- Jen and Silva start giggling and whisper loudly "he's married."

I, mortified, whisper back, "hush", while probably shaking my head and making a face. Smiling politely at the writer and my mom. I join my friends, smack them on the arm, and head for whatever mission they wanted me for, which I admit was better than standing listening to my mom and said writer.

Could I go back to that group of writers? I did every other week until I moved. The need to share writing was more important than the embarrassment.

Now I live two hours away from these writers and am looking for a new group. A poetry group would be great.

I went to my Yahoo Yellow Pages. There is actually a section under Entertainment and Arts called writers. The section doesn't help me but the names are entertaining for a minute. Braile Robert, Polese Clancy, Beach Brooke Productions, Zyla Gail Communications. Zyla is my favorite. Though I do like Polese Clancy.

I am looking back to B&N for writer's groups nearest me.


Cincysundevil said...

Your mom sounds like mine. It's funny because I thought that when my sisters both had kids, it would quench my moms desire for grandchildren ... but oh no! My mom also has the "Oprah" threat; she says that if I'm not in a serious relationship by the time I turn 38, she will go on Oprah and make an appeal to the nation for a nice woman to date me.

Good luck with the writer's group. I think we all wish we could write the great American novel, but so few of us will ever put pen to paper. You're one of the brave ones.

Chelle said...

Devil - heaven forbid my mom ever get such a notion. I would need to go into something like the witness protection program.

dahlizyx said...

Your mom...

Really I don't have to say anything else.


Chelle said...

Babe you ain't kddin'